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How to create dynamic emails in AppSheet

Recently, Google announced AppSheet in Gmail, a new feature that lets you use custom-built no-code applications, created in AppSheet, directly in your inbox as a dynamic email. Too often, daily workflows are spread across multiple applications, slowing productivity as we navigate from one app to another and back again.

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Google Tensor: Machine learning on a chip

Every few years, machine learning (ML) completely changes the way we use tech. We’ve seen Google Assistant make your devices more helpful and Google Translate breaks down language barriers. However, Google is taking this further with Google Tensor.

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Making BigQuery migration simple

Migrations are not easy: they take time, energy, and effort to make them successful. BigQuery makes it easier with customizable tools and years of expertise to help out with your journey to the cloud.

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Speed things up with Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Load Balancing is a fully distributed load balancing solution that balances user traffic (HTTP(s), HTTPS/2 with gRPC, TCP/SSL, UDP, and QUIC) to multiple backends to avoid congestion, reduce latency, increase security, and reduce costs.

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