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Speed things up with Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Load Balancing is a fully distributed load balancing solution that balances user traffic (HTTP(s), HTTPS/2 with gRPC, TCP/SSL, UDP, and QUIC) to multiple backends to avoid congestion, reduce latency, increase security, and reduce costs.

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8 benefits of Google Cloud for financial services

IDG’s recently completed white paper, Financial Services Spotlight: Elevating agility and security in the cloud, highlights an alternative to the all-or-nothing approach to replatforming: “lifting and shifting” on-premises applications and workloads to the cloud without rewriting them. In this way, you keep your organization’s familiar architecture, but give it the scalability and cutting-edge technology of a modern cloud environment. That’s the promise Google Cloud VMware Engine brings to the financial services industry.

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Which Google Cloud compute option is right for me?

Choosing the right infrastructure options to run your application is critical, both for the success of your application and for the team that is managing and developing it. This post breaks down some of the most important factors that you need to consider when deciding where you should run your stuff!

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Google Free Mail vs Google Workspace (Business Mail)

Having a free Gmail account is sufficient for personal use. After all, who cares if your email address has the domain? If you’re a consumer, the people who are going to see that are your friends and family. Of course, you’ll get to use any of the apps Gmail has to offer like Docs and Sheets, and still have access to and full ownership over your files and everything you create which can reside within the cloud.

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Collaborating to breathe new life into our website

A website is very important. It is the face of your business and forms the foundation of your digital identity. Therefore, keeping your website fresh and up to date could potentially be beneficial to your business as it provides visitors with a better user experience which would lead to better conversions.

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