Meeting Rooms and Conferencing

Meeting rooms and conferencing solutions are in demand. With an increasingly distributed workforce, people will be working from home, from the workspace, from different geographies, in the cloud, and on different shifts. The real challenge for any organization is to provide the right environment and the tools to support this emerging distributed workforce.

Are your boardrooms and meeting rooms integrated with today's technologies?

  • Intelligent facilities scheduling
  • Cloud-based video conferencing
  • Wireless connectivity for easy sharing from any device
  • Integrated displays that include 360° and PTZ cameras, whiteboards, document cameras, and remote screencasting
  • Automated meeting capture


Large LED Panels

The focal point of every video meeting is key for the participants in the room

Multi-Camera Setup

Ensure total room coverage that provides that captures the entire room 

Wireless Presentation

Share presentations without having to fiddle around with wires, cables and adapters

Omnidirectional Microphones

Ensure you’re getting total room coverage from your mic pickup range

Controlled Tablets

Engage in a simple, convenient way to start, end, and schedule meetings

High Quality Audio

Audio is as important to a successful video meeting as the camera

What makes a boardroom or meeting room in today's context?

Is your boardroom looking tired and not fully connected to the world? Let us come in and revamp your meeting rooms and boardroom so that you connect better.

We work hand-in-hand with your interior designers, contractors and project management to ensure seamless delivery.


Huddle Room, Meeting Room Size- 2-7 people

Huddle Room

Room Size: 2-7 people

Meeting Room, Room Size- 7-13 people

Meeting Room

Room Size: 7-13 people

Boardroom, Meeting Room Conferencing Room Size- 9-19 people


Room Size: 9-19 people

Training Room : Classroom, Room Size- 10-20 people

Training Room / Classroom

Room Size: 10-20 people


Contact us for a meet up to discuss your needs to revamp your meeting rooms for the future.