Our consulting methodology approach is people, technology and process driven. Consulting services will lead to tactical, strategic and transformational solutions.

Jumpstart your cloud journey with our proven practices – migration, data analytics, ML, app development, change & culture, security & trust. 

How far do you want to go?


Reducing cost with quick ROI and minimal disruption to your IT organization


Increasing the value by streamlining operations to be more efficient and effective


Transforming your IT organization into an engine of innovation and as a partner
to the business

Create a powerful impact on your team with innovation & transformation

Our consulting team will work as advisors, helping you adopt best practices along the journey

We’ll map out your transformational journey with proven methodologies


Assess the need for change and define the future vision

  • Define the people vision 
  • Define success metrics
  • Identify and analyze stakeholders
  • Assess cloud maturity - People 


Plan the desired state and understand the impact

  • Define target people state
  • Identify gaps and change impacts
  • Outline initiatives and timeline
  • Create stakeholder engagement, communication, and training plan


Deploy the change adoption management activities

  • Deploy target people operating model
  • Deploy stakeholder engagement, communication, and training plan


Feedback loop and continuous improvements

  • Measure success
  • Keep on engaging stakeholders
  • Refine communication and training plan
  • Conduct continuous improvement

Streams of Consultative Services


Deployment strategy workshop

Technology selection

Deployment planning workshop

Draft services SOW

Project kickoff


Change Management

Change strategy workshop

Sponsorship & Engagement Planning

Organization Analysis

Training services strategy

Project kickoff


Process Transformation

Process Discovery workshop

Workflow and Gap Analysis

Technology and Change Strategy

Technology Solutions Assessment

Project kickoff


Scope of Work

Key Activities

Kickoff workshop(s)

Provide planning workshop(s) support to kick off the project, assess the customer’s current environment, and make recommendations around the critical change management activities, namely sponsorship, organization analysis, communications, and training.

Sponsorship and engagement

Our Professional Services Team will provide best practices for identifying influencers within the customer’s organization, and provide recommendations for the executive and peer-to-peer support networks plan.


Advise on your training needs analysis and training approach to enable your employees to better use the new technology or solutions and become more productive in their work.

Organizational analysis

Advise on best practices to gather insights on user groups, change impacts, and potential watch points, as well as to identify key influencers and use cases.


Provide your team advice on change-related messaging and a communications plan template that aligns with the customer’s strategic vision.

Change Management Plan

Based on the preceding analysis, provide detailed feedback on your change management plan to ensure it is customized to address any potential risks identified, engages your customer across all levels of their organization, and increases their speed of adoption.

We’ve brought tremendous value to business segments such as retail. We’ll do the same for you.

Faster insights
with data

  • customer analytics
  • in store analytics
  • retail data warehouse
  • real time inventory view

with AI

  • trend forecasting
  • inventory forecasting
  • assortment planning
  • intelligent call center

Dynamic customer experiences

  • personalization
  • conversational commerce
  • smart store
  • dynamic digital signage

Workforce transformation

  • information hub
  • mobile workforce solutions
  • dynamic training
  • collaboration and productivity

retail partners

  • supply chain collaboration
  • connected marketplace
  • vendor management
  • cloud enhanced solutions

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