API Management


API management is the process of designing, publishing, documenting and analyzing APIs in a secure environment.

Through an API management solution, an organization can guarantee that both the public and internal APIs they create are consumable and secure.


API Ecosystems Are Innovation Drivers

APIs are the backbone of digital business ecosystems that encompass networks of partners, developers, and customers. These ecosystems may be composed entirely of internal parties (i.e. developers within an organization) or may include external individuals and organizations, such as suppliers, third-party providers, contractors, customers, developers, regulators, or even competitors.

Our research found that while companies of all API maturity levels are likely to be focused on speeding up development of new applications and connecting internal applications, high-maturity organizations are significantly more likely to focus on developing a developer ecosystem or B2B partner ecosystem around their APIs.


APIs connect applications to one another and to the data and services that power them enabling businesses to more easily combine software to create new products. APIs have become the de-facto standard for building and connecting modern systems and applications in the cloud.

API Platform

An API Platform provides the technology, processes and approach required to effectively expose, consume, secure, mediate, productize, monetize, extend, deploy, analyze and otherwise govern a series of application programming interfaces that may exist inside or outside of an enterprise business environment.

Facilities are made available to all participants across the digital value chain such as API consumers/Partners, API Developers, Business Analysts, Marketing Teams and anyone else required to fulfill an organization’s digital requirements. The platform acts as a control plane for managing an organization’s entire portfolio of internal and external digital connections.

The State of API Economy 2021 Report

According to Google’s State of API Economy 2021 Report, 56% of IT decision-makers view APIs as assets that help organizations build better digital experiences and products, 52% say APIs accelerate innovation by enabling partners to leverage digital assets at scale, 40% view APIs as systems integration enablers, and 36% say they see APIs as strategic assets for creating business value. 

Views of APIs

APIs help us build better digital experiences
APIs accelerate innovation by exposing assets with partners
APIs are strategic assets for creating business value
APIs are a way to do system integration
APIs are products that are directly leveraged by external customers

Top API Platform initiatives

Speed up new application development
Connect internal applications
Create a developer ecosystem
Develop B2B partner program
Monetize APIs as a new revenue stream

Application powered by APIs

Survey participants report using APIs for a wide array of applications, with web (57%) and mobile (56%) efforts leading the way, followed by automation (49%) and Internet of Things (IoT) (46%) initiatives. Research shows that larger companies use APIs more often to power mobile applications, while smaller enterprises are more likely to focus on desktop apps.


Delivers value across the Digital Value Chain





API Team


Outside-In Approach
Unpredictable Usage

Inside-Out Approach
Predictable Usage

Apigee Edge Full API Lifecycle Management

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Google named a leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant® for Full Life Cycle API Management

For this report, Forrester evaluates how API management is evolving to drive digital transformation programs for enterprises, looks into detailed evaluation criteria for the ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Full Life Cycle API Management - Apigee as a Leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant

Expand your API Management Platform further

Add multiple layers to API security such as Cloud Armor, CMEK, IAM and other cloud security capabilities. Leverage the flexibility to store data in the region of choice for data sovereignty.

AI-powered automation

Turn your API data into actionable insights. Predict API traffic patterns, detect anomalies in real time, and protect APIs against malicious bot attacks.

Global reach, high performance, and reliability

Expand the global reach of your API programs by hosting across our worldwide cloud network. Optimize for last-mile performance and caching with Cloud CDN.

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The API Management Platform provides cohesive API management across clouds and data centers with greater security, visibility, and control — so you can focus on your business, not your infrastructure.

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