Business Application Integrations


Application integration is fundamental to digital transformation strategy because when applications are integrated and communicating with one another, business can operate in new and innovative ways.

Transform your IT and integrating multiple applications

Modernize in-place

Modernize your applications no matter where they are. Consistent management of your applications across multiple clouds and on-premises. Faster time to market, lower administrative overhead, and increased innovation capabilities.

Automate policy and security at scale

Proactive service operations - manage at a higher layer of the stack, enabling greater application awareness, consistency, and control. Take a service-centric view of your applications.


Cloud platform that you can run anywhere to be portable, consistent, and extensible to help you future-proof your investments.

We provide solutions and services to transform traditional business settings where applications live in “silos” to integrated settings, removing barriers between applications to work seamlessly.

Our Application Integration Services:

Integration Consulting

API Management and Integration

Custom Scripting and Deployment

Application Modernization

Our Application Integration Services Full Lifecycle:

Scoping and Planning

Integration System Design

Technical Evaluation

Pilot Implementation

Implementation, Testing & Support

Illustrations of our Application Integration Services :

Integration of ERP systems with legacy systems, i.e. in house applications and CRM solutions

API Management for multiple cloud applications

Google Workspace and Appsheet

Data consolidation from multiple data sources to data cloud

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