PointStar opens new office in Mid Valley City

PointStar opens new office in Mid Valley City

Today marks a new chapter in PointStar’s journey in Malaysia with the opening of its new office in Mid Valley City — a major hub for not only shopping but also enterprise and emerging companies. The move represents an exciting opportunity to expand PointStar’s platform by establishing a market-leading full-service office in a city that continues to experience strong growth. PointStar is uniquely positioned to partner with the Kuala Lumpur business community in connection with its members’ most complex IT needs. 

PointStar CEO Justin Lee said: “We are delighted to open our newest office in Mid Valley City, which has fast emerged as a major hub for startups and enterprises alike. Kuala Lumpur is a thriving market and a major force in the Malaysia economy. We intend to offer clients in Malaysia the very best of the PointStar platform, by combining our experience and skill sets with our already deep and successful partnerships,” added Lee.

PointStar is widely recognized for providing clients market-leading capabilities in key areas, including cloud, video conferencing, networking, and smart devices. 

“We are widely recognized and respected for its vast experience working with companies across the industries, helping them develop and achieve their growth strategies. PointStar’s scalable platform is built to meet the precise needs and unique ambitions of each client — from startup to multinational — and our top-notch practice, spanning retail, manufacturing, education, and government sectors, will serve the market well,” said Lee.

Recently, PointStar has established its very own e-commerce platform Alomos. To cater to the growing demand for smart devices for corporate and professionals, the new office is purposely designed and built with e-commerce in mind. 

“In the near future, we would like to welcome our customers to our office to experience the smart devices themselves. With the new office, we can provide that enriching experience to our customers and help them make the right buying decision,” said Lee.

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