Migration to

Google Workspace


Google Workspace migration made easy with tried and tested approach that has been perfected for more than a decade. Our Google Workspace Deployment specialists have developed a dependable and meticulous migration process to transfer your existing email, contacts, and calendars to Google Workspace. With our years of experience in the matter, it matters little which legacy platform you have come from, we know how to make the process easy and quick.

PointStar assists with the migration of large numbers of files and various file types to the cloud to allow your business to expand and grow painlessly while still able to work within the existing infrastructure.

  • Data security tools provided
  • Integration with backup software to keep files safe during migration
  • Sync applications with cloud storage systems



Perform a thorough assessment and discovery of your existing environment in order to understand your app and environment inventory, identify app dependencies and requirements, perform total cost of ownership calculations, and establish app performance benchmarks.


Create the basic cloud infrastructure for your workloads to live in and plan how you will move apps. This planning includes identity management, organization and project structure, networking, sorting your apps, and developing a prioritized migration strategy.


Design, implement and execute a deployment process to move workloads to Google Cloud. You might also have to refine your cloud infrastructure to deal with new needs.


Take full advantage of cloud-native technologies and capabilities to expand your business's potential to things such as performance, scalability, disaster recovery, costs, training, as well as opening the doors to machine learning and artificial intelligence integrations for your app.

Accelerate your transformation with Google Workspace

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