Logitech SIGHT

Tabletop companion camera with intelligent multi-participant framing.

Help remote employees get the best perspective in every hybrid meeting

This AI-powered tabletop camera works hand in hand with Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to capture, identify, and present virtual attendees with the best sound and view of the meeting room action. 

Integrate seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet to provide a clear view of active speakers and the group in the room, for a more equitable meeting

Key Features

A Front-and-Center View for Every Meeting

An equitable companion for Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini

Sight combines with Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to provide a responsive frontand-center view of everyone in the room. It intelligently frames active speakers, delivering clear audio and face-to-face video to remote participants.

See and hear clearly into larger rooms

Sight uses video and AI to detect and accurately frame participants, with a 315° field of view. With a pickup range of 2.3 m or 7.5 ft, Sight is designed for medium-to-large rooms, intelligently detecting and capturing conversation and nonverbals clearly, all around the table.

Smart Switching tracks conversation naturally 

Adaptive intelligence identifies, frames, and follows up to four speakers at a time, while switching between active speakers as the conversation shifts.

Crystal Clear Audio and Video

1) 315° video capture: Presents participants around the table with dual lenses that capture up to 4K resolution.

2) Directional mic pickup: Detects active speakers using direction of arrival of voices. Seven beamforming mics replace the need for a mic pod.

3) Mic mute controls: With the touch of a button, users can quickly and easily mute or unmute the microphones in the room.

4) Indicator lights: The three colored LEDs clearly indicate video on/off, mute on/off, in-call status, power status, and more.

5) Magnetic privacy shade: Slide the magnetic shade in front of the lenses to automatically turn off video capture.

6) Included mounts for a secure install: Secure Sight and route cables across the table using the table mount. Use the grommet hole mount to hide cables down under the table. Place Sight in non-traditional rooms with U- or V-shaped tables by securing it to a tripod stand.

Works with your Platform of Choice

Leverage the video conferencing platforms and features you already use. Sight integrates with leading video platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet* to make hybrid meetings more equitable and inclusive.

Technical Specifications



  • Height: 299.0 mm
  • Width: 169 mm
  • Depth: 169 mm


  • Height: 291.2 mm
  • Width: 93.4 mm
  • Depth: 93.4 mm
  • Grommet hole 25 mm or larger
Weight: 1.5 kg


Power type: 802.3at Type 2 “PoE+” power or equivalent power supply (user supplied)

CAT Cable: Cat6 or greater

Maximum CAT Cable Length: Between Sight Dongle and Sight: 40 m
USB Mode: Windows 10, Windows® 11 or later, macOS (two most recent versions)
Appliance Mode: Room solution software license (not included), Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini
Latest version of Logitech Collab OS

Technical Specification

Video Platform Compatibility

  • Integration and feature compatibility will vary by platform. For more details, see www.logitech.com/prosupport/

General Specifications

  • Built-in Components
    • 7 beamforming microphones, dual lens camera, Logitech Collab OS platform
  • Device Management
    • Logitech Sync
  • Camera
    • Sensor resolution: 4K
    • Zoom: X1
    • Horizontal Field of View: 315°
    • Vertical Field of View: 97°
    • Diagonal Field of View: 180°
    • Focal Length: 1.87 mm
    • Depth of Field: 50 cm-5 m
    • Frame Rate (max): 60 fps
  • Microphone Specifications
    • Beamforming Elements: 7 omnidirectional digital MEMS microphones forming six adaptive acoustic endfire beams
    • Pickup Range: 2.3 m radius
    • Microphone Type: digital MEMS microphones with 72 dB SNR and 130 dB AOP, dirt and water resistant to IP57 spec
    • Frequency Response: 90Hz – 16 kHz
    • Sensitivity: >-36 dBFS +/-1 dB @ 1 Pa
    • Audio processing: AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), Machine Learning VAD (Voice Activity Detector)
    • Noise suppression: Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning to attenuate both stationary and non-stationary noises
    • Additional mic pods
      • Rally Bar: Supports up to 3 Mic Pods and 2 Mic Pod Hubs
      • Rally Bar Mini: Supports up to 2 Mic Pods and 2 Mic Pod Hubs
      • Rally/Rally Plus: Supports up to total of 6 Mic Pods and/or Mic Pod Hubs

Package Content

  • Sight camera
  • Sight dongle
  • Mic pod dongle
  • Privacy shade
  • Grommet mount
  • Table mount
  • Tripod mount
  • User documentation

Warranty Information

Standard: 2-year limited hardware warranty included
Extended: Additional one- and three-year extended warranties available at the time of hardware purchase.
Contact your reseller for availability.

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