Wireless Presentation

Share content from your laptop with just one click in face-to-face meetings

What is ClickShare Present?

ClickShare Present is a wireless presentation system consisting of a base unit device and a connecting Button that is plugged into the laptop.

ClickShare Present enables meeting attendees to effortlessly share content from their laptop in face-to-face meetings, in less than 7 seconds, with a single click via the ClickShare App or Button.

ClickShare wireless presentation solutions for effortless content sharing and collaboration

Empowers You

Bring your own device / BYOD. Share content from your laptop, tablet or smartphone thanks to the free ClickShare Mobile App or screen mirroring with Airplay, Miracast or Google Cast.

Make meetings more interactive. Use a touchscreen to interact with content through blackboarding or annotation.

Built Around You

Flexibility and ease of use. Share content and present with a single click on the Button or App.

Choose the setting: the large boardroom, an everyday meeting room or a huddle space. ClickShare creates the same engaging and immersive experience everywhere.

Native interoperability. Share content from any device, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Make Your Life Easy

Connect wirelessly in 7 seconds. Open your laptop and your meeting is up and running in a blink of an eye. 

Check a room’s availability. See if the room is available or not on the meeting display, the moment you enter.

Why Choose ClickShare?

Which ClickShare Present model suits you best?

Discover the wireless presentation room system that seamlessly connects your laptop to the display of your meeting room, so you can easily share content, without the hassle of cables, control panels or adapters. You will be able to start your meeting in less than 7 seconds with just one click via the ClickShare Button or App.

ClickShare C-5

ClickShare C-10

Meeting Room Type

Huddle space and small meeting room

Medium to large room

Buttons included
Having more buttons means more participants can host a meeting
wirelessly, easily collaborate and share content.

No buttons included.
Share content via the ClickShare Desktop or Mobile App or purchase a Button separately. 

1 or 2 

Sources simultaneously on screen
The number of participants that can share content at the same time.



Touchback, blackboarding and annotation
Collaborate interactively and make meetings more engaging and productive.



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