Business Process and Document Management for Google Workspace

AODocs seamlessly integrates with Google Drive and Workspace to provide a 100% secure SaaS Business Process and Document Management platform. All data transferred to and from AODocs is encrypted by industry standard protocols such as SSL/TLS. AODocs front-ends are managed by Google App Engine, which provides highly secured web servers that are regularly updated against any known vulnerabilities.

A Modern, Intelligent Content Services Platform

AODocs is the only content services platform built on Google Workspace, giving enterprises a new way to collaborate, with added security, control, and compliance for all of your business-critical information.

Google Workspace Plus AODocs:

This Is How Business Gets Done

Replace SharePoint and Legacy Systems


Save on infrastructure and administration costs by securely migrating to the Google Workspace cloud. Add AODocs, and you can say goodbye to SharePoint, Lotus Notes, and OpenText, while beefing up your BPM, Workflows, and Document Management processes.

Establish Permissions, Compliance, and Ownership Controls

Control access to documents, files, and folders while offering the familiar Google Workspace interface and environment your teams crave. Rest easy knowing that people are always working with the right versions of files and documents.

Automate Workflows and Connect to Business Systems

Want to connect to your existing ERP, CRM, PLM, or other business systems? Do that and then configure business workflows to automate repetitive tasks.

Rethink Document Management and Business Processes

Life Sciences

IP registration, Compliance, R&D.

Quality Management

ISO certification, incidents reporting, customer feedback.


Government Digitization, Records management.

Financial Services

Loan processing, claims management, FINRA and SEC compliance.

Human Resources

Hiring process, Employee onboarding, OHSAS compliance.


Quality control, suppliers relationship management.

and more…

AODocs Key Features

Workflow and Validation

Define business workflows in Google Drive in a few clicks, with fully configurable workflow steps, approval paths, time-based reminders, and customizable notification messages.

Version Control

Keep multiple versions of your documents without creating duplicate files. Make sure users have always access to the latest version of each document, while being able to easily open previous versions.

Metadata and Tagging

Combine multiple search criteria like keywords, metadata values, date ranges and numerical values and configure personalized views to display and browse your documents.

Secured Sharing

Protect your sensitive documents against accidental sharing to unauthorized viewers, and lock down the folder structure by preventing end-users from creating, renaming or moving subfolders, while letting them edit documents.

Content Management is Mission Critical for Organizational Success

For the third year, Gartner Recognizes AODocs in 2022 Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms. 

AODocs is also featured on FOX Business Network on June 6, 2021 with Kathy Ireland®.

Google Workspace Combined With AODocs Leads To Customer Success

Ceva Animal Health

Ceva now relies on Google Drive and AODocs to perform at its highest level of efficiency and to increase efficiency as technology changes. “At any time, we have access to the full history of the document with all the changes that were made throughout the registration process,” said Decio. “And with Google Drive’s unlimited storage, we can keep as many versions as we want for as long as we need.”


When Euralis chose the Google Workspace and AODocs solution, they did so with three key goals in mind:

  1. Move off of a legacy document management system and migrate existing content to Google Drive.
  2. Become ISO 9001 Compliant.
  3. Create custom workflows without help from the IT department.

AODocs worked with Euralis to customize an enhanced user experience and increase productivity by providing ready-to-use tools to easily migrate their existing content into Google Drive, including document libraries for human resources, quality control policies, and processes necessary for ISO 9001 compliance.

Veolia Water Technologies (VWT)

“Whether they’re residing in one of our global offices or working from home, our employees use AODocs on a daily basis. We’ve never experienced any technical or performance issues with AODocs, the platform is always available. This has proven to be invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Laloyau.

With its success in leveraging AODocs, VWT is looking into assimilating other systems and repositories into the platform. The company is in the process of migrating all of its existing SharePoint sites into AODocs, and is also looking into expanding the use of the platform in its human resources, legal, and finance departments.

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