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Samsung Flip 2

Say goodbye to unwieldy paper flipcharts, messy whiteboards and smelly markers. Say hello to the Samsung Flip digital flipchart. With features that greatly enhance today’s fast-paced and digital-centric workflow, the Samsung Flip allows teams to hold and recap meetings with incredible ease. It drives greater collaboration, expands presentation capabilities and is ideal for all types of meetings, training or group brainstorming.

Key Features

Pen and brush mode annotation

Quick and efficient editing tool

Advanced compatibility

Versatile connection options


The PointStar Experience

PointStar has the expertise to help all types of companies choose the right solution that fits their specific business needs.
Setup & Installation
Our installation specialists have developed a dependable and meticulous process to setup and install the smart office devices. With years of experience, we know how to make the process easy and quick.
We provide our clients with top-tier quality training to improve user experience and increase efficiency in their work environment.
Whether to address a basic question or more in-depth technical request for troubleshooting, we provide a variety of affordable support packages to make sure you always get the support you need.

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