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Lenovo Series One

Google Meet Rooms Kit

People-first meetings

Made exclusively for Google Meet — in partnership with Lenovo — Series One meeting room kits continue to deliver on our commitment to innovative and immersive meeting experiences that help people feel like they’re working together, not just meeting together.

Audio Acumen

Remove unwanted sounds and crystallise human voices for a balanced, high fidelity experience.

People Perfect

A true 4K camera with a large image sensor provides PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) effects digitally so participants are framed clearly.

Complete Compute

Made to handle the taxing demands of video conferencing along with running the latest in Google AI as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Touchless Touchability

List active meetings and allow for room and setting controls. Join touch-free by saying, “Hey Google, join the meeting”.

Effortless Expansion

Expand for larger rooms with just an ethernet cable and the tappable Mic Pod, which expands microphone reach.

Ethernet Efficiency

System components are connected using colour-coded ethernet cables to reduce clutter, cost and installation time.

Solutions for every room

It’s easy to deploy zoom rooms throughout the workplace. just match a small, medium, or large configuration to each of your rooms, then add accessories to suit your space.

Small Room Kit

Medium Room Kit

Large Room Kit

The PointStar Experience

Evaluating all the benefits of online video conferencing can be a daunting task. PointStar has the expertise to help all types of companies assess this in the context of their specific business needs.
Installation & Setup
Our Deployment specialists have developed a dependable and meticulous process to install and setup a wide range of video conferencing solutions. With our years of experience, it does not matter which legacy platform you have come from – we know how to make the process easy and quick.
We provide our clients with top-tier quality training and deployment services to improve user experience and increase efficiency in their work environment.
Whether to address a basic question or more in-depth technical request for troubleshooting, we provide a variety of affordable support packages to make sure you always get the support you need.