Maximizing Your Business’ Profit with Freshworks x Google

Get To Know Freshworks

Freshworks CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps businesses across different industry verticals to manage their interactions with existing and potential customers. Key features include one-click phone, sales lead tracking, sales management, event tracking and more.

Partnering with Google, Freshworks’ dashboard is even more powerful. Create the best marketing assets and boost sales using Freshworks’ data visualization. Get in-depth insights from Google Analytics, aptly targeted ads with Google Ads, predict, automate, and optimize data using BigQuery, and integrate data in one storage using Google Cloud.

CRM Freshworks x Google For Sales

Focused campaigns to pursue 50% Return of Investment

Use real-time data visualization from Google Analytics to pinpoint the best marketing channel to suit customer behavior. All obtained data is processed in BigQuery to boost Return of Invest from every launched campaign and accurately determine future macro trends.

Cuts Database Cost up to 40%

Freshworks and Google developed the Two-pronged Strategy to increase accuracy for targeted ads in various regions to reduce cost per click and cost per action. This strategy aims to maximize customer retention with remote collaboration and AI automation as well as chatbots from Google.

Get 5x More Leads

Localize contents with ease using Google Campaign Translator to penetrate new markets efficiently. With the help of Google Ads, campaigns will accurately reach your intended target market.

More than just a CRM, Freshworks x Google will help

Convert customer journey to sales revenue

Increase leads and cut ads cost

Provide real-time data visualization to hasten sales team reaction time to utilize opportunities

Predict macro trends accurately to help your business expands with better risk management measures

Why Choose PointStar?

Implement Freshworks x Google with PointStar

PointStar is one of the first companies to provide cloud solutions in Malaysia. As Google Premier Partner, our team is experienced and certified to handle various Cloud services from consultations until implementation. We provide solutions that support your company’s needs and future expansion plans.

Why work with a Google Cloud Premier Partner in Malaysia?

Freshworks x Google Services with PointStar


PointStar is Freshworks and Google's official partner in Indonesia. We are highly experienced in assisting companies from various industries to decide the best way to migrate to Cloud that suits their business' needs.


PointStar provides in-depth training and Freshworks implementation for businesses to increase customer satisfaction and boost efficiency in the work environment.

Setup and Migration

Our team consists of people who are aptly certified in their respective fields and are highly experienced in solving various cases. We always aim to simplify the migration process to best suit our clients timeline and ease of use.

Local Support

Our team has a high response rate track record in answering technical needs and troubleshooting. We provide various cost-effective support packages to ensure that you will never be trapped in an unsolvable difficulty.

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